Aardwolf Slab Lifter 20

Aardwolf Slab Lifter 20

Product code: AL20


A new slab lifting clamp with extra wide jaws and compact nature, which has been specifically designed to meet the needs of businesses handling thin sheets of engineered porcelain, glass and other thin ceramic sheets.


  • Size: Being of a compact construction, the Aardwolf Slab Lifter 20 allows for close packed slabs to be lifted out of racks and containers.  
  • Safety: Requires only a small movement of the slab to engage and grip the slab, which is generally well below the over balance angle thus eliminating the danger to the operator.
  • Secure: The Aardwolf clamps grip slabs firmly. The Aardwolf Slab Lifter 20 has a force-multiplying factor of approximately 3 to 1.


Grip range 3 - 20 0.1" - 0.8"
Working load limit 1200 2646
Net weight 20 44
Gross weight 20.8 45.9
Packaging dimensions 440x150x360 17"x5"x14"

 Patent: US 5893595

Volume: 0.0000 M3

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