180º Electric Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg

180º Electric Rotation Vacuum Lifter 160kg

Product code: AERV-180


The 180º Electric Rotation Vacuum Lifter AERV-180 is uniquely useful in rotating and lifting stone and glass sheets in various directions of 90º -180º.


  • 220V single-phase electric motor.
  • Gas spring-controlled hook attachment. 
  • Self-adjustment and balance.
  • Attach/release materials with an ON/OFF slide valve.
  • The pressure control system automatically activates the vacuum pump once the pressure is lower than the allowed limit.
  • Audio/visual safety system.


Working load limit 160 353
Net weight 60 132
Pad diameter 200 8"
Number of pad 4 -
  • Motor information
Input supply AC 220V-1 phase 50/60Hz

Motor power 1/4HP 
Vacuum flow rate 4.1/4.7 m3/hour

Volume: 0.0000 M3

loading bar