160kg-180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter

160kg-180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter

Product code: ARV-180


The 160kg-180º Rotation Vacuum Lifter is uniquely useful for rotating and lifting slab and glass with a varied orientation of 90 - 180 degrees.


  • No electric power or lubrication needed.
  • Gas spring allows the self-adjustment of counterbalance.
  • Slide valve for lifting and releasing materials.
  • Audio/visual safety system.


Number of pad 4 -
Pad diameter 200 8"
Working load limit 160 353
Net weight 63 139
Gross weight 85 187
Packaging dimensions 1400x480x1080 55"x18.9"x42.5"
  • Battery information for the alarm system
Power supply 3.7V Lipo battery
Battery capacity 2000 mAh x 1
Adapter DC 5V-1A
Standby time 720 hours
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 2 hours
Non-stop working time 7 hours
6-month warranty -
  • Compressed air requirement
Air consumption 180 liters/minute
Supply air pressure 5 bars (72 psi)



Volume: 0.0000 M3

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