Vacuum Lifter
Vacuum Lifter
Vacuum Lifter
Vacuum Lifter

Vacuum Lifter

Product code: AVLB4


The AVLB4 is designed for the horizontal lifting of glass, laser cutters, metal sheets, and panels. In addition, the compact design makes it easy to hook onto a hoist.


  • Vacuum tank.
  • Aluminum construction, lightweight.
  • Audio/visual alarm system.
  • Attach/release material by pressing a Vacuum or two Release buttons.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Battery charger.


Pad diameter 150 6"
Working load limit 160 353
Net weight 28 62
Gross weight 40 88
Packaging dimensions 1350x300x510 53"x12"x20"
  • Battery information for the lifter
Power supply 12V
Battery capacity 6.0Ah
Adapter DC 5V-1A
Standby time 720 hours
Charging cycle 1000 times
Charging time 2 hours
Non-stop working time 2.5 hours
6-month warranty  
  • Motor information
Vacuum flow rate 32.5 liters/minute
Motor 12V-6A

Volume: 0.0000 M3

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