Collapsible Safety Cage
Collapsible Safety Cage
Collapsible Safety Cage
Collapsible Safety Cage

Collapsible Safety Cage

Product code: ACSC


Designed for freighting and storage, the easy to assemble safety cage comes partly assembled only. 

The safety cage attaches securely to the forks of the forklift using two safety pins. Pins lock the safety cage tightly into place behind the heels of each of the forks. A forklift safety cage is necessary to ensure that workers are able to perform their job at elevated levels in a safe manner.

The safety cage has been designed to safely carry out tasks such as maintenance or stocktake. 


  • Powered-coat paint finish in safety yellow
  • A non-slip material is used on the floor
  • Kickboards on all sides
  • Inward opening
  • Full-length fork sleeves


Working load limit 250 551
Net weight 155 342
Packaging dimension 1231x1154x225 48.5"x45.4"x8.9"

Note:  For counterbalance forklifts, the rated capacity of the forklift must be 1800 kg or 5 times the total weight of the work cage, plus workers, plus tools and other materials. And to reach trucks, the figures are 1000 kg or three times.  The driver must stay at his post at all times when people are in the cage.

Volume: 0.0000 M3

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