Storage 'A' Frames SAF01
Storage 'A' Frames SAF01
Storage 'A' Frames SAF01

Storage 'A' Frames SAF01

Product code: SAF01


The Aardwolf ‘A’ Frame SAF01 is a very safe frame for storing large slabs of marble and granite. The base rails have pockets, which allow the safety posts to be moved and placed right up against slabs after some slabs are removed. High winds have been known to suck slabs off frames, especially when slabs are stored outside. These frames are all about safety so that you sleep well at night, even during wild weather. The ‘A’ frame includes protective timber on the base rails and rubber cushioning material on the face of the uprights. Steel cross member and fasteners included.
Note: The safety posts are sold separately.


  • Rubber pads on the face of the vertical frame 
  • Middle support bar connects each A-Frame end piece 
  • Store slabs on both sides


Width of slab storage base area on each side 610 24"
Working load limit per side 2750 6063
Total working load limit  5500 12125
Net weight 137 302
Gross weight 138 304
Packaging dimension 1640x600x200(A)

Volume: 0.0000 M3

loading bar